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Wellburn Care Home Group


Wellburn Care Homes are embarking on major refurbishments and upgrades of some of their existing portfolio of care homes. Rachel Beckett, Chair of Wellburn Care Homes, is clear about gaining the benefits of Lighting For Circadian Rhythm and new technology to improve the care that they can deliver for residents. She had already identified a circadian-supportive environment as a key part of her vision, and Circadacare was asked to design and implement a solution at St Catherine’s Care Home, near York.


A solution for spectrum-control lighting has been designed to fit the brief and is being installed in all bedrooms, lounges, and common areas throughout the building. The light design follows the overall aesthetic to blend in with the new interior at St Catherine’s. Individual fixture design and selection were completed by the client with Circadacare’s support. Care was taken to validate the performance of the selection at the design stage. A number of bespoke light designs have been developed by Circadacare, along with the adaption of standard lights to include the full colour-spectrum LED engines from Circadacare. This approach met the design brief for the upgrade of the home.

A smart control system manages every light and each colour setting, according to parameters determined by a calibrated circadian control algorithm, for 24 hours every day. The circadian control system has also been integrated with the existing nursecall system for maximum ease of use by staff so that an override lighting setting automatically comes in response to staff use of the nursecall system for maximum safety. The circadian settings are resumed automatically when the nursecall is reset.

The system uses standard light switches and sensors in the same way as a conventional lighting system, making it easy for residents and staff, and Circdacare has calibrated adjustments in individual rooms to accommodate specific requirements for intensity levels or other needs.


Residents and staff are benefitting from the removal of circadian disruption from conventional lighting whilst also receiving appropriate levels of circadian stimulus in the all-important morning times to promote improved sleep patterns. Wellburn Care Homes will benefit from the overall wellbeing impacts and improve care outcomes for residents at St Catherine’s.

Rachels Beckett’s vision of gaining the benefits from new technology has been realised through the design and implementation of the circadian lighting system at St Catherine’s.