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Circadare solutions combine market-leading technology and circadian lighting design with a flexible approach to suit a wide range of care projects and budgets. To provide a turnkey solution to upgrade both existing and new care home environments.

We have designed a unique way to create and deliver a circadian-supportive environment that directly calibrates the colour spectrum and intensity of light to allow true human circadian-supportive lighting to work 24 hours per day.

Smart Operation

  • Automated operation

  • Precise circadian settings throughout the day and night

  • Full user control

  • Customisable for every room

  • No technical training required

Smart Circadian Control

  • Advanced automated circadian algorithms

  • Designed for smart integration, i.e. Nursecall

  • Customisable for every room

  • Smart sensor compatible

  • Future-proofed software platform

Smart Lights

  • Full-spectrum control in every light for true circadian lighting

  • Smart LED drivers for maximum adaptability

  • Replace or upgrade existing lights

To make the system truly future-proofed, it is designed for rapid update or upgrade of settings and algorithms without any physical alterations to the installation. Circadacare systems will keep up with the science and not go out of date.

Get in touch to find out how you can harness the benefits of true circadian-supportive solutions for your care operation and environment for:

·       Dementia Care Homes

·       Nursing & Care Homes

·       Retirement Homes & Villages

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