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Project assurance

Room level measurement

Supporting individual room design

Specification validation

Circadacare will help you understand how you can take advantage of the benefits of including true circadian rhythm lighting support in your care offering.

We will advise on design and specifications to ensure a solution that will deliver for your project. We will also validate the circadian supportive parameters that are needed for your project through calculated measurements based on the room designs. We work with operations teams, designers and contractors to ensure that specifying a Circadacare solution will not only realise the benefits for your care operation but will also fit seamlessly into your project planning.

It doesn’t stop there either; we support and service all Circadacre systems. All our smart lighting products come with a 5-year warranty, and we will be on hand to ensure your system is always performing.

If the use of rooms changes in the future or there is additional requirements, a Circadacare system can be easily adjusted and adapted without a need to change out hardware. In many cases, changes can be made remotely and seamlessly to our systems to accommodate your future needs.

A key element of enabling care operations with circadian care is staff understanding. We will provide all the information needed along with comprehensive staff training to ensure your team knows the system and what it can do. We can even customise the integration and controls to work with your other systems where needed.

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