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Circadacare offers care environments an end-to-end circadian LED lighting technology solution including hardware, software as well as training and support.

Circadacare’s systems are designed to operate automatically, driven by carefully-calibrated algorithms, to ensure optimal circadian support 24 hours per day. They are also designed to be used by staff when required, for instance, for a nighttime intervention. The system is also integrated with existing care management systems such as nursecall.

Smart Lights

The precise selection of LED chips, design of the LED modules, and smart electronics driver technology are vital for true circadian lighting. Not only are Circadacare custom lighting engines designed for optimum circadian performance, but we have also integrated these into a dedicated range of light fitting to cater for a wide range of application areas within the different care environments.

Unlike conventional white or tunable LED lighting, Circadacare delivers full-spectrum control managed by advanced software algorithms that make our systems reliable and simple to use. By integrating 5 separate colour channels, the Circadcare solution can completely remove or enhance the all-important blue spectrum of light at the right times for maximum circadian support. The system works right across the spectrum of light and can also be adjusted for individual rooms as required.

Circadacare’s LED engines can also be incorporated into many other light fixtures to suit the care provider’s aesthetic interior design preferences. In addition, Circadacare also has the ability to upcycle existing light fittings. Under our social and environmental agenda,  we can support the waste-efficient refurbishment of care homes through the regenerative design of products.

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Smart Circadian Control 

At the heart of the Circadacare solution is the Smart Circadian control software, powered by SmartCore. The solution has been proven over many years in buildings from 500 sq ft to over 500,000 sq ft; this advanced software system has been designed for precise and sophisticated management of full spectrum-control LED systems, as is needed for true circadian lighting.

The system runs carefully calibrated algorithms that deliver the right colour mix and intensity of light for every room, 24 hours per day. When lights are switched on, they will automatically be at the correct setting for optimum circadian stimulus depending on the time of day.

Staff and residents just use the lights as they normally would, and the Circadacare system ensures the maximum benefit can be achieved through its network of smart lights. With all the intelligence in the software, a single system can be used for just a few rooms or buildings with 250 rooms, with each room having independent control.

The scientific knowledge and understanding of how circadian systems can be properly well in older adults and those living with dementia will continue to develop, so the choice of a flexible and adaptable system is critical. Circadacare systems can be easily updated through software without the need for further hardware to adapt to changing requirements.