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Circadacare care solutions are designed to improve sleep, mood, engagement and to reduce falls in older adults and those living with dementia. Find out how circadian lighting can improve your care offer with a free survey.


Circadacare is a science-led health tech company, and our systems promote healthy human circadian rhythms to improve the quality of life of older adults for happier, more engaging lives.

We translate the science into care home lighting solutions that help improve the quality of life and benefit care environments for both residents and staff. Care operators can gain real business benefits from harnessing Circadacare technology.

The Science

Light is the most potent stimulus for the human circadian cycle, and disruption causes negative health & wellbeing impacts in older adults

The Solution

Circadian care systems improve outcomes in care homes, dementia care, and retirement villages

The Benefits

Circadacare delivers care outcome improvements for older adults along with cost benefits for operators of care/nursing homes, care villages and dementia care

Circadian lighting is proven to reduce falls in care environments

We work with owners, operators and designers of care environments to bring the benefits of circadian-supportive care to existing and new properties.

Get in touch today to ask how we can upgrade the care offering in your home.

“We’re seeing a greater level of engagement from the residents during the day because the lighting is helping their body clock become alert and ready for the day”

— David Poxton, MD, Ashmere Care Homes

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