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Improve the quality of your care and transform the lives of your residents with circadian lighting

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The benefits of effective circadian lighting have been proven, and include, amongst others:

  • Improved sleep/wake cycles for general health and wellbeing 

  • Better daytime cognition and engagement 

  • Natural time-of-day signalling to alleviate behaviours such as sundowning 

  • Up to 43% reduction in falls 

  • Regularised cortisol & melatonin cycles





    Unlike conventional white or tuneable LED lighting, Circadacare delivers full colour spectrum-controlled lights capable of delivering precisely calibrated circadian stimulus at the right times, every day. By integrating multiple colour channels in every light, the Circadacare solution has the ability to completely remove or enhance the all-important blue spectrum of light at the right times for maximum circadian support.

    Choose from a wide range of lights to suit different design styles and budgets which will replace existing lights and be connected to a smart circadian control system located in the care home or dementia unit. This ensures all the lights will be at the right settings, automatically, at every time of day without the need for any staff operation.


    Staff and residents use lights as they normally would and the Circadacare system takes care of all the right settings automatically. We provide staff training so everyone understands what the system does but there is no need for staff to take on any additional responsibilities.

    The system can also be integrated with nursecall systems so night-time settings are changed to daytime lighting automatically when staff respond and need it. We can advise on that during the survey.


    All Circadacare systems have a warranty which includes 5 years on all lights, and 2 years on all other items. There is free onsite service for the first 12 months and free offsite support thereafter.


    The lights for a bedroom including ensuite bathroom cost from £400 per room, dependent on how many rooms are being upgraded, plus the cost of the smart control system. We can also offer a purchase-financed solution at a total cost of less than £7 per room, per week.

    We recommend a minimum number of 10 rooms for an upgrade system and to ensure that there are no hidden cost surprises we offer a free survey which will include suggested options for light choice and a detailed quotation with cost breakdown, without any obligation to purchase.

    The Circadacare system does not include the electrical installation work to remove the old lights and install the new ones, as we recognise that clients have their preferred electrical contractors and we would prefer them to do that work. We will support the electrical contractors and make sure they are knowledgeable about the system.


    Once the project details have been agreed, a schedule for access to the rooms needs to be agreed, including the electrical contractors carrying out the install work. Circadacare will issue all the items needed for the installation and will support the installers throughout the process.

    We estimate that it should take, on average, between 2 and 4 hours to fully replace and install new circadian lighting in a bedroom and ensuite bathroom. This means that the work can be done whilst the resident is temporarily absent from the room, and we work with care teams to plan this for the minimum disruption for residents and careers. The survey is designed to assess any potential difficulties so we can work with the care team.

Rapid-installation system

Circadacare now offers a rapid-installation system for replacement lights in bedrooms, bathrooms, day-rooms corridors, and other spaces which makes upgrading to the best possible lighting for care easier than it has ever been. 

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Transforms dementia care environments

Replacement lighting that promotes healthy day/night and sleep/wake cycles for people in care living with dementia. Our circadian lights for bedrooms, bathrooms, dayrooms and other spaces provide optimum circadian stimulus in the mornings and comforting and natural sleep-promoting lighting in the evenings and at night-time.


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