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What do the specialists say?

Many neuroscientists believe that lighting interventions can play a vital role in dementia care. Correctly calibrated lighting can improve the all-important natural circadian rhythms of ageing people and people living with dementia. of an affected person. In recent times, there have been many studies on the effects of dementia-friendly lighting and how this can improve outcomes and quality of life. The evidence from these studies points to a number of key considerations for dementia-friendly lighting.

● Allow people time to adjust to the transition of light when moving between spaces.

● Give as much access to daylight in areas of common use and all rooms, where possible.

● Ensure consistent dementia-friendly and tuned lighting in all rooms, common and circulation areas.

● Precise management of colour of lighting through the day to promote healthy circadian rhythms.

Why Choose Circadacare?

When it comes to quality dementia-friendly lighting, there are few trusted sources like Circadacare, who utilise a science based approach. Our team of specialists can offer a better solution to improve the circadian rhythm in dementia patients.

Here are some top reasons to choose us:

  • Our lights improve sleep, mood and engagement in the patients.

  • Reduced chance of accidents due to falls.

  • Easy to control circadian lights.

  • Lights that can significantly improve quality of life of the affected person.

  • Proven track record of delivery in care environments.

    By using our specialised circadian lighting, the quality of life in your care environment can be improved.

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