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Circanian Control Software

The Circadian Control Software is an advanced real-time control system designed for smart control of lights, sensors, switches and emergency lighting. The software manages precisely-calibrated algorithms which control the colour spectrum and intensity of Circadacare lights for optimal circadian stimulus and support.

A single system can manage a complete building, with each room having customisable and adjustable settings to allow for individual residents’ needs and future adaptability.

Benefits include:

• Full-colour spectrum control of each light

•Automated 24 hour operation

•A range of Light-scenes adapted for room usage

•Control settings adjustable for each room

•Integrates with Nursecall systems through a software interface

•Supports a wide range of sensor types

•Remote management and operation

•User-friendly control and information screens

Technical Specification

    • Circadian SmartCore virtualised software control engine

    • Up to 250 rooms with pre-selected range of circadian light scenes on a single control systems

    • Multiple control groups within each space

    • 5 channel LED for full visible light spectrum control

    • System supports Dali, DMX wired and wireless protocols

    • Software API with http protocol and RESTful interface for maximum interoperability

    • All types, Dali protocol including unique virtual sensor configuration

    • Compatible with nursecall systems for integrated lighting operation for staff support

    • Hosted on control system and browser-accessible via network or remote connection

    • Distributed local failover at LED driver to ensure continued operation