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About Circadacare

Our mission is to translate circadian science into solutions which improve the quality of lives and benefit care environments for both residents and staff. We design, develop and supply circadian lighting solutions for managed care environments such as care homes and dementia care facilities, with an emphasis on practicality. Our solutions work for residents, carers, management, owners and even the families.

We aim to create lighting environments that optimise regular natural circadian rhythms, whether that is for a new 100 bed care home or a 10 bed dementia unit which is in need of an upgrade. We understand the real world constraints of the care sector and are committed to achieving the right outcomes for all sizes of project and varying budgets, as well as ensuring our systems just work without staff having to operate or learn anything new.

We work with owners, managers and care leaders to find the best way for them to take advantage of the many benefits of circadian lighting.

Neil MacDonald is Chief Operating Officer and agrees with 248 of the world’s leading scientists who have come together to categorically state that all lighting should support circadian rhythms. The majority of modern artificial lighting may actually be causing harm due to its unmanaged blue content and the most vulnerable members of our society deserve far better than that. Circadacare is taking that challenge head-on with our circadian solutions.