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Transforming dementia care through circadian lighting

Turning circadian science into real-world solutions for care providers

Circadacare solutions improve sleep/wake cycles, mood, engagement and reduce falls in older adults and those living with dementia. 

The science is clear – disrupted human circadian rhythms cause negative health & wellbeing impacts in older adults. Supported natural human circadian rhythms with circadian lighting systems improves wellbeing of older adults and people living with dementia. 

Some of the key benefits that can be harnessed form effective circadian lighting are: 

  • Improved sleep/wake cycle 
  • Improved daytime cognition & engagement 
  • Up to 43% reduction in falls
  • Alleviate sundowning in those living with dementia
  • Regularised cortisol and melatonin cycles

How we help

Reduce falls

Improve sleep

Alleviate sundowning

Circadian Lighting Solutions

Circadacare has designed a unique way to create and deliver a circadian-supportive environment that directly calibrates the colour spectrum and intensity of light to allow true human circadian-supportive lighting to work 24 hours per day.

The core of the system is smart software which can be adapted, changed and updated without any changes to the lighting installation. So, as the use of a room or area is changed over time, the lighting system can rapidly react and be changed with ease. Additionally, as the science develops, new lighting settings can be added and installed and configured remotely onto existing installations, rendering the Circadacare system truly future-proof.

Client Testimonials

"We’re seeing a greater level of engagement from the residents during the day because the lighting is helping their body clock become alert and ready for the day."
David Poxton
MD, Ashmere Care Homes
"Oaklands House residents are now benefitting from the new installation of Circadian lighting, and it has been a really good experience to easily and cost-effectively use the principles of human-centric lighting in our homes."
Arnon Rubinstein
CEO, Future Care Group
“Circadacare have done exactly what we need for the St Catherine’s project. The staff are very comfortable with the lighting experience, and we have seen a distinct positive impact on our residents’ wellbeing. Even in these early days it’s exciting to see this deliver on its promises”
Rachel Beckett
Chair, Wellburn Care Homes